Rachel's Dog Club

Our Team

We have a fantastic dedicated team of the best dog walkers and daycare assistants who are reliable, trustworthy and will love your dog like their own. Your dog will usually be by the same walker so they can build a trusting bond, but if your walker is ill or on holiday another member of the team will be there to help – so you never have to worry! This is a great benefit with having a team of dog walkers. All of our dog walkers are DBS checked and canine first aid trained. We have all received nothing but wonderful reviews from all of our clients. We are trained in positive reinforcement therefore our team will only apply this method with any of our training.


Pack Leader

Rachel is the founder of Rachel’s Dog Club and loves every minute of it! Having grown up on a farm in the Peak District, Rachel has always been around animals and especially has a great love for dogs. Since moving to Manchester, she now has a beautiful working cocker spaniel called Bella who joins the team all day. Rachel has a wealth of knowledge in canine behaviour, training and nutrition and loves to support others and offer advice. She has completed a number of canine behaviour and nutrition courses and attended dog training courses with IMDT. This knowledge of dogs and their behaviour is vital when handling groups of dogs.


Dog Walking Manager

Leah joined the team in June 2019. You couldn’t get a bigger dog lover than Leah! The dogs adore her fun and loving personality and she has become a firm favourite for many of our dogs. She always takes the time to understand their individual personalities and builds their trust to form a wonderful relationship with them. She has an excellent understanding of canine behaviour and works wonders with some of our more anxious dogs. Leah is originally from the Lake District where she grew up around dogs and has two lovely border terriers. Leah has exceptional communication and organisational skills so she was promoted to managing our dog walking logistics and our social media. She is also a dog walker for our City Centre dogs.


Daycare Manager

Georgia joined us in the opening of our daycare centre in July 2020, and has since been promoted to managing our daycare. Georgia is a huge dog lover and has a brilliant understanding of their behaviour. She spends time to get to know each dog as an individual and ensures their needs are met whilst with us in daycare. Georgia is lots of fun to be around and the dogs love being in her company and getting her attention. She is always thinking of new activities, brain games and themed days to ensure our daycare is mentally and physically stimulating for all of our dogs. Georgia is primarily based within the daycare.


Daycare Supervisor/Shop Manager

Tillie joined us officially in November 2020 and is mainly based within our daycare. She began volunteering with us and it wasn’t long before we knew we needed her in the team. Tillie has a wonderful, calm and loving nature and the dogs love nothing more than cuddling up to her. She has a special talent of bringing out confidence in our more nervous dogs and is fantastic with our shyer puppies. Tillie has a rescue greyhound called Flash who she has trained incredibly in a short space of time; she also regularly supports greyhound charities. Tillie is very interested in canine nutrition and has a great understanding of what is good for your dogs. She manages our shop and is always willing to help with any nutrition guidance. Tillie is primarily based within the daycare.


Dog Walker

Biagio joined our team in May 2019 after moving to Manchester from Naples, Italy. It was clear he would be the perfect addition to the team and he soon got the nickname ‘the dog whisperer’. Biagio is a very kind and patient person so the dogs are naturally drawn to him and bond very quickly. He loves the dogs like his own and the know it! Even the ‘cheekier’ dogs do exactly as he asks, hence his nickname! He was brought up around dogs and especially loves large breeds: his favourite breed is the German Shepherd. During his spare time, Biagio competes in ballroom competitions to a very high standard. Biagio is primarily the dog walker based in Didsbury, Chorlton and Stretford.


Dog Walker

Emmie has been a fantastic member of the team since the beginning. She is a huge dog lover and has a great understanding of their behaviour and needs. Emmie is a naturally fun person who loves to play games with the dogs so they always have a great time when she’s with them. Emmie’s favourite breed is the border collie as it is the breed she grew up with. She now has a gorgeous springer spaniel called Jess who loves nothing more than cuddling her. During her spare time, Emmie enjoys playing hockey and the ukulele. Emmie is primarily the dog walker based in the City Centre.


Dog Walker

Annie joined us in November 2019 and quickly became a wonderful asset to the team. Her caring, empathetic and positive personality means the dogs naturally gravitate towards her and love being in her company. She has a wonderful way with the dogs and always forms a lovely bond with them. Annie has a great understanding of the needs of different dogs and is always improving her knowledge to ensure each dog has the happiest walk. She loves dogs of all shapes and sizes – her favourite breeds are the golden retriever and cavapoo! During her spare time, Annie is a very talented dancer and competes in ballroom competitions. Annie is primarily the dog walker based in Sale.


Dog Walker

Abbie joined us in March 2021 and quickly settled into the team. She came to us with a wealth of canine experience after years of working in a different daycare and from completing an Animal Behaviour degree. Abbie Alongside dog walking, Abbie also uses her degree to do 1:1 behaviour programme for many of our dogs. Abbie has a lovely dog named Pluto who she has trained perfectly and he joins her for many of the walks. In her spare time, she loves to take Pluto on camping adventures. Abbie is primarily the dog walker based in the City Centre and Sale.


Daycare Assistant

Sophie started with us in October 2020 after previously working in a different daycare. She came to us with a wealth of animal experience and has since developed her understanding of canine behaviour and training even more. Sophie loves to ensure the dogs’ days at daycare are as enriching as possible so is always creating new games and activities to mentally stimulate them. Sophie currently studies Wildlife Conservation with Zoo Biology at University and plans to have a career working with and helping animals.


Daycare Assistant

Kathleen joined the team officially in February 2021 after volunteering some time with us. The dogs love Kathleen and her fun-loving personality. She is always playing games with the dogs and having lots of fun with them: she is firm favourite for many of our daycare dogs. After a busy day the dogs love cuddling up to Kathleen for their afternoon naps. Kathleen is currently studying Law at University but we hope her love for this job may make her change her mind with her career choice!


Daycare Assistant/Dog Walker

Jasmine recently joined the team in June 2021 and is already settling in wonderfully. She is extremely passionate about her work and learning new things every day about the amazing world of dogs. Jasmine has two French bulldogs so has a soft spot for the many Frenchies we look after across our walks and daycare! We are looking forward to Jasmine growing with our company and getting to know her more.


Volunteer Daycare Assistant

Lucie has volunteered with us at the dog club regularly for almost a year and we continue to be impressed by her amazing knowledge of canine behaviour and the way she understands each and every dog. Lucie is still in school and has had no previous training with dogs; however, you would never believe this if you watched her with them. We hope one day she will join our team full time!