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puppy visits

Getting a new puppy is an incredibly exciting time but it’s also a time to plan carefully too. The first few months of your puppy’s life will determine the kind of adult dog it will become. For this reason, it is vital to give them the best start in life. This is how our puppy visits can help you.

Spending the time, effort and money to socialise and train your dog correctly at the start can ensure you have many happy and calm years together. Use our puppy socialisation checklist to socialise your dog in the best way to make them happy and not fearful of the world around them.

A highly important consideration to make when getting a puppy is the time they will be left alone, usually when owners are at work. Experts recommend that adult dogs should not be left alone longer than four hours and young puppies must gradually build up to this time alone. If they are left alone too long or the time has not been gradually increased it will cause them severe stress, anxiety and boredom which results in destructive behaviour. It can also lead to complicated life-long issues such as separation anxiety. This is where our puppy visits service is perfect. Our loving puppy-sitters will give your puppy the company they need and deserve when you cannot be around.

Our puppy visits are for puppies up to 6 months in age.


  • Playing and cuddling
  • Short walk once fully vaccinated
  • Feeding if required and fresh water provided
  • Clean up any mess your puppy has made
  • Support house training and deliver basic obedience training
  • Free ongoing puppy training advice
  • Daily update on your puppy along with photographs


1 x 20 Minute Visit

Recommended for puppies who are alone for up to 3 hours.


2 x 20 Minute Visit

Recommended for puppies who are alone for more than 5 hours.


3 x 20 Minute Visits

Recommended for puppies who are alone for more than 6 hours.